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Why Smart is better than Globe in terms of promos?

Smart Communications, Inc. recently unveiled their newest promo that #Shooktd the world of Globe Telecom. On June 14, Smart announced that they have revamped their GIGASURF 99 with bigger data allocation. The promo gives 3GB worth of data for 7 days — twice as much as the previous 1.5GB allocation. It also comes with 600MB… Continue reading Why Smart is better than Globe in terms of promos?

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Where is the love?

“What’s wrong with world?” “Can you practice what you preach?” “Would you turn the other cheek?” “Is the world insane?” “If love and peace are so strong, then why are there pieces of love that don’t belong?” “Is the lovin’ really gone?” “What is goin’ wrong?” “Whatever happened to the values of humanity?” “Whatever happened… Continue reading Where is the love?

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How 2NE1’s popularity affects K-pop acts today?

It’s been eight years since 2NE1 changed the image of girl groups in South Korea. Thanks to their fierce-yet-playful image, the super quartet instantly skyrocketed to the top —raising the bar so high for any girl groups, that even their seniors, such as Girls’ Generation, consider them as inspirations. 2009 will be remembered as the… Continue reading How 2NE1’s popularity affects K-pop acts today?

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Music — your friendly time machine

Which moment in your life do you remember when you hear 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” or Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”? Do you feel like you’re going back in time, at the exact place where you first heard your favorite song? If so, then you’re not alone. Many of us have experienced it. https://youtu.be/ISEoXdHb4W4 https://youtu.be/BA7fdSkp8ds They say… Continue reading Music — your friendly time machine

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Minzy’s debut album sold just one copy on its seventh day

Naka-Karma nga ba itong si Minzy dahil sa ginawa n’yang pang-iiwan sa 2NE1 Panigurado, humahalakhak ngayon si Yang Hyun Suk at ang kapatid nitong si Yang Min Suk. Hindi kasi marunong makapaghintay itong si Minzy. Alam n’ya naman na once na ikulong ang isang artist o group sa “YG Dungeon”, ibig sabihin nu’n ay hindi… Continue reading Minzy’s debut album sold just one copy on its seventh day

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Goodbye, Lucia! Hello, 420!

Ano ang ‘420’ o ‘420 Day?’ Siguro, may mga friends ka na nag-post nito. Pero naitanong mo na ba sa kanila kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng pinagpo-post nila? Subukan mo silang tanungin, kadalasang isasagot nila: “marijuana,” “weed” o ‘yung copy-pasted article from Wikipedia. Wala silang direktang sagot. Tried and tested na ‘yan! May screenshots… Continue reading Goodbye, Lucia! Hello, 420!

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Meteor Garden — the Asianovela that started it all

Halos isang dekada na rin ang lumipas simula nu’ng nangyari ang Meteor Garden Fever sa Pilipinas at sa buong Asia!Kung may Spice Girls nu’ng late-90s ang ‘Pinas, may F4 naman tayo nu’ng early-2000s. Salamat sa Meteor Garden! Tandang tanda ko pa noong unang ipinalabas ‘to sa ABS-CBN. Inaabangan ko talaga kung ano ba ang mangyayari… Continue reading Meteor Garden — the Asianovela that started it all