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Music — your friendly time machine

Which moment in your life do you remember when you hear 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” or Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”? Do you feel like you’re going back in time, at the exact place where you first heard your favorite song? If so, then you’re not alone. Many of us have experienced it.

They say that music is like a time machine. And although we’re not literally going back in the past, music makes us feel the same exact feelings that we used to cherish back then.

Whether it’s a sad or a happy memory, we could say that music is the best tool to experience our past once more. Music helps us to reflect over our status then and what who we are right now.

Our past has helped us a lot to become the bolder version of ourselves. But sometimes, we are taking our memories for granted. Little did we know, there are certain people who are doing what they could to resume their lost memories.

I remember the film I watched yesterday, May 10. It is titled One Step and features international K-pop star Sandara Park, the visual and the fresh vocal of super quartet 2NE1. She played the role of Si-hyun, a girl who has synesthesia or colored hearing, who had lost her memory due to a car accident.

One Step poster
One Step poster

She was later took care by Ji-won (Hong Ah-reum), whom she met at the hospital, until she could regain her memory again. One day, while Si-hyun is sleeping, Ji-won’s brother, Woo-hyuk (Cho Dong-in), heard her humming a melody. Woo-hyuk then wrote it down and gave her the score, hoping it would help Si-hyun recalled her past.

Si-hyun found her savior through Jee-Il, a frustrated composer who works at a small radio station. Si-hyun’s journey to regain her precious past was not that easy. She underwent mild to extreme therapy, hoping that she recalled parts of her past little-by-little.

Indeed, losing memory is one of the most difficult experiences a person could go through. And while we have not lost our memories yet, it’s better to value it as long as we could, so that when we get older, we could tell our grandchildren the happy memories we had — back when we’re young and wild.

Connect your life’s greatest moments into music. We’ll never know how what tomorrow may bring.


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