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PSY receives Diamond Play Button from YouTube after gaining 10 million subscribers

PSY’s 5-year record for “Gangnam Style” as the most-viewed YouTube video of all-time may soon be seized by Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again”, but his legacy as the most-successful Korean artist will remain for quite some time.

Photo from Billboard

On May 28, the channel OfficialPSY uploaded a video of PSY holding a Diamond Play Button, sent by YouTube itself. The video-sharing site presents the coveted Button to those individuals who will reach 10 million subscribers for their YouTube channel. For the 39-year-old who has broken a lot of world records with his musics, it’s not surprising that he has reached this unprecedented accomplishment.

PSY holding YouTube’s Diamond Play Button
PSY holding YouTube’s Diamond Play Button

“I’m very thankful and grateful for this,” said PSY as he showed off the Diamond Play Button with ‘officialpsy’ inscribed toward the back it. He also added, “Actually, YouTube to me has been an excellent platform and a ‘bridge,’ which allowed me to extend my decade-long career as a singer in foreign countries as well.”

The coveted Diamond Play Button
The coveted Diamond Play Button

According to YouTube, Psy is the first Asian artist ever to reach 10 million subscribers. With his growing subscribers, average of 24,199+ people per day, Psy is inevitably going to surpass SMTown’s YouTube channel momentarily.

Hereafter, the YG crackerjack promised to “upload some more contents even at off-seasons from now on.” In the end, PSY thanked all the 10 million subscribers who have followed his official channel and YouTube for sending him the Diamond Play Button.


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